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SOA nameExpiry dateDepartmentCategorySOA contactSOA contact emailSOA contact phoneKey WordsSupplier Details
QH011Teeth, Artificial 30/11/2019Queensland HealthMedical - Clinical and dental 3096 2318  
QPS9145Pathology Services – Hep B & Healthstart Program27/03/2020Public Safety Business AgencyMedical - Clinical and dental servicesPSBA Procurement 3364 6544PSBA9145 
QH500Panel Arrangement for Radiology Reporting Services31/07/2019Queensland HealthMedical - Clinical and dental servicesSharon 3131 6291  
MNHHS78430Collection, Transportation and Storage Services of Deceased Persons1/09/2019Queensland HealthMedical - Clinical and dental servicesSoo Ming 0568Transport, Transportation, Collection, Storage, Deceased Persons, Mortuary 
MNPS CP001Custom Packs31/08/2019Queensland HealthMedical - Clinical and dental servicesDemi or 3646 7563ACL Pack, Adult Resternotomy Gown Pack, Adult Resternotomy Pack, Angiography Pack, Arthroscopy Pack, Basic Hand Pack, Bowl Pack Intermediate, Bowl Pack with Spatula, Burns Pack, Caesarean Pack, Cardiac Anaesthetic Pack, Combined Maxillo Facial,ENT and Occuplastics Custom PACI Pack, Coronary Angiography Pack, Coronary Artery Bypass Pack, CV Line Insertion Pack, CV Split Sheet Drape Pack, Cystoscopy Pack, D & C Pack, Delivery Bundle Pack "Latex-Free", ENT Pack , EP Pack, Flexi-Cystoscopy Pack, Foot Pack, General Feeder Pack, General Minor Pack, General Pack, General Perianal Pack, General Procedure Pack, Gynae Abdominal Pack, Gynae Vaginal Pack, Heart Valve Pack, ICU Tray Pack, Interventional Pack, Knee Arthroscopy Pack, Knee Replacement Pack, Lap Gynae Pack, Laparoscopy Pack, Lithotomy Pack, Lower Extremity Pack, Major Bowl Set, Major General Pack, Major Lithotomy Pack, Major Ortho Pack, Major Peri-Gynae Pack, Major Thoracic Pack, Minor Bowl Pack, Minor General Pack, Minor Ortho Pack, Minor Procedure Flex Cystoscopy Pack, Minor Procedure Pack, Minor Thoracic Pack, Minor Vascular Pack, Neck of Femur Pack, Neuro Major Pack, Neuro Minor Pack, Ophthalmic Pack, P.I.C.C Pack, Pacemaker Pack, Perineal Suture Bundle Pack, Peripheral Angio Pack, Plastics Pack, Radial Angiography Pack, Radial Pack, Central Line Pack, Right Heart Catheter Pack, Rigid Cystoscopy Pack, Shoulder Arthroscopy Pack, Shoulder Pack, Small Bowl Set, Spinal Epidural Pack, Spinal Pack - Neuro & General Pack, Tonsil Pack, Total Hip Pack, Total Knee Replacement Pack, Universal IDC Pack, Upper Extremity Pack, Vascular Pack  
MNPS 0002Standing Offer Arrangement for Patient Pyjamas, Disposable31/03/2019Queensland HealthMedical - Clinical and dental servicesJohanna or 3646 0497Patient, Pyjamas, Disposable, Top, Short Sleeve, Shorts  
QH599Patient Care and Miscellaneous Consumables30/04/2021Queensland HealthMedical - Clinical and dental servicesKate 3096 2319body bag, surgical clipper, catheter spigot, shroud mortuary wrap, denture container, infant feeding equipment, emesis bag, medication container, pacifiers, patient effects bag, theatre light handle cover, dressing protection bag, pill crushing, urine/faecal specimen collection, identification band, hot/cold pack, trays and hollowware (reusable/disposable), bedpan, patient use pillow, urinal, disposable linen, umbilical cord clamp, umbilical cord clamp cutter, patient wear, disposable curtains, cotton/synthetic tipped applicator, amniotomy perforator, spatula 

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