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Welcome to the Awarded Contracts Transactional Data Site

This site has been developed to enable the general public to view awarded contract information. The data published on this website by the Queensland Government Chief Procurement Office (QGCPO) is voluntarily provided by a range of organisations, including Government Agencies and other Government Bodies that have elected to use this method of publication.

QGCPO publishes the data on an “as is” basis, without amendment or modification, and QGCPO accepts no responsibility for the data. The responsibility for the published data remains with the respective source organisations and, accordingly, if you have any questions regarding the data published please contact the relevant provider’s nominated officer.

Contact information
collapse Department :  ‎(20)
Health - August 2011.pdf
Health - July 2011 (Part A).pdf
Health_CentralPharmacy - December 2011.pdf
Health_CentralPharmacy - November 2011.pdf
Health_CentralPharmacy - October 2011.pdf
Health_CentralPharmacy - September 2011.pdf
Health_SSPFinance - December 2011.pdf
Health_SSPFinance - November 2011.pdf
Health_SSPFinance - September 2011.pdf
Health_SSPFinance October 2011.pdf
Health_SSPSupply - December 2011.pdf
Health_SSPSupply - November 2011.pdf
Health_SSPSupply - September.pdf
Health_SSPSupply October 2011.pdf
UQ - August 2011.pdf
David Connell
UQ - December 2011.pdf
UQ - July 2011.pdf
UQ - November 2011.pdf
UQ - October 2011.pdf
UQ - September 2011.pdf
collapse Department : Allconnex ‎(6)
Allconnex - August 2011.pdf
Procurement Service Centre
Allconnex - December 2011.pdf
Allconnex - July 2011.pdf
Allconnex - November 2011.pdf
Allconnex - October 2011.pdf
Allconnex - September 2011.pdf
collapse Department : Central Queensland University ‎(6)
CQU - August 2011.pdf
Ann-Maree Roughead
CQU - December 2011.pdf
CQU - July Data 2011.pdf
CQU - November 2011.pdf
CQU - October 2011.pdf
CQU - September 2011.pdf
collapse Department : Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services ‎(6)
Communities -  November 2011.pdf
Communities  - October 2011.pdf
Communities - August 2011.pdf
Communities - December 2011.pdf
Communities - July 2011.pdf
Communities - September 2011.pdf
collapse Department : Department of Community Safety ‎(6)
Community Safety - August 2011.pdf
Lee Surplice
Community Safety - December 2011.pdf
Community Safety - July 2011.pdf
Community Safety - November 2011.pdf
Community Safety - October 2011.pdf
Community Safety - September 2011.pdf
collapse Department : Department of Education & Training ‎(6)
Education and Training - August 2011.pdf
Education and Training - December 2011.pdf
Education and Training - July 2011.pdf
Education and Training - November 2011.pdf
Education and Training - October 2011.pdf
Education and Training - September 2011.pdf
collapse Department : Department of Employment, Economic Development & Innovation ‎(6)
DEEDI  - September 2011.pdf
Christine Lawson
DEEDI - August 2011.pdf
DEEDI - December 2011.pdf
DEEDI - July 2011 v2.pdf
DEEDI - November 2011.pdf
DEEDI - October 2011.pdf
collapse Department : Department of Environment & Resource Management ‎(6)
DERM - August 2011v2.pdf
Rachelle Elenitsas
DERM - December 2011.pdf
DERM - July 2011.pdf
DERM - November 2011.pdf
DERM - October 2011.pdf
DERM - September 2011.pdf
collapse Department : Department of Justice & Attorney General ‎(6)
JAG - August 2011.pdf
Christopher Ayres
JAG - December 2011.pdf
JAG - July 2011.pdf
JAG - November 2011.pdf
JAG - October 2011.pdf
JAG - September 2011.pdf
collapse Department : Department of Premier & Cabinet ‎(11)
Arts Queensland - July_August_September 2011pdf.pdf
DPC - August 2011.pdf
DPC - December 2011.pdf
DPC - July 2011.pdf
DPC - November - 2011.pdf
DPC - October 2011.pdf
DPC - September 2011.pdf
Public Service Commission - August 2011.pdf
Public Service Commission - November 2011.pdf
Public Service Commission - October 2011.pdf
Public Service Commission - September 2011.pdf
collapse Department : Department of Public Works ‎(83)
DPW_Accom Office - December 2011.pdf
DPW_Accom Office - January 2012.pdf
DPW_CES - December 2011.pdf
DPW_CES - July 2011.pdf
DPW_CES - November 2011.pdf
DPW_CES - October 2011.pdf
DPW_CES - September 2011.pdf
DPW_CIO -  July 2011.pdf
DPW_CIO - August 2011.pdf
DPW_CIO - December 2011.pdf
DPW_CIO - November 2011.pdf
DPW_CIO - October 2011.pdf
DPW_CIO - September 2011.pdf
DPW_CITEC - August 2011.pdf
Michael Forsythe
DPW_CITEC - December 2011.pdf
DPW_CITEC - July 2011.pdf
DPW_CITEC - November 2011.pdf
DPW_CITEC - October 2011.pdf
DPW_CITEC - September 2011.pdf
DPW_Contract Services -  July 2011.pdf
DPW_Corptech -  July 2011.pdf
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