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Business services - Advertising, marketing and communication
Business services - Audit, accounting, finance, QA consultants and contractors
Business services - Environmental contractors and consultants
Business services - Finance and credit card charges
Business services - Function and event expenses
Business services - HR, WHS contractors and consultants
Business services - Insurance
Business services - IP licences + copyright fees
Business services - Legal Services
Business services - Management contractors and consultants
Business services - Photography
Business services - Print services
Business services - Professional memberships
Business services - Research and development contractors and consultants
Business services - Training and development
Construction - Building contractors and consultants
Construction - Construction materials
Construction - General infrastructure contractors and consultants
Construction - Land and building acquisitions
Construction - Road and Bridge contractors and consultants
Energy - Electricity
Energy - Energy performance contractors and consultants
Energy - Fuel for vehicles, petrol, diesel and LPG
Energy - Oil and gas
Energy - Solar
Facilities Management - Catering
Facilities Management - Cleaning
Facilities Management - Facilities Maintenance and Repairs
Facilities Management - Furniture and fittings
Facilities Management - Refurbishment contractors and consultants
Facilities Management - Security and safety
Facilities Management - Waste disposal
Information and Communication Technology - ICT contractors and consultants
Information and Communication Technology - ICT Hardware
Information and Communication Technology - ICT Software
Information and Communication Technology - IT Services
Information and Communication Technology - Office equipment
Information and Communication Technology - Specialised communications
Information and Communication Technology - Telecommunications
Labour hire - Admin staff
Labour hire - Nursing
Labour hire - Specialist labour hire
Labour hire - Teaching
Logistics - Couriers
Logistics - Freight
Logistics - Post
Logistics - Storage
Machinery, Plant and Equipment - Equipment hire
Machinery, Plant and Equipment - Hand and power tools
Machinery, Plant and Equipment - Large equipment
Machinery, Plant and Equipment - Maintenance and repairs
Machinery, Plant and Equipment - Minor equipment
Machinery, Plant and Equipment - Scientific and technical equipment
Materials - Armoury and weapons
Materials - Bedding and linen
Materials - Books periodicals and ePublications
Materials - Chemicals
Materials - Food
Materials - Office supplies
Materials - Safety Equipment, Footwear, Cleaning and Disinfecting Supplies
Materials - School supplies
Medical - Clinical and dental services
Medical - Clinical and dental supplies
Medical - Laboratory consumables
Medical - Medical contractors and consultants
Medical - Medical equipment
Medical - Pharmaceuticals and drugs
Medical - Prosthetics
Specialised Supplies and Services - Agriculture and veterinary services
Specialised Supplies and Services - Emergency goods and services
Specialised Supplies and Services - Mine testing and administration
Specialised Supplies and Services - Personal assistance
Specialised Supplies and Services - Pilotage
Specialised Supplies and Services - Police
Specialised Supplies and Services - Prison management
Specialised Supplies and Services - Rego Plates
Specialised Supplies and Services - Sports
Specialised Supplies and Services - Student related expenses
Specialised Supplies and Services - Tenant management
Specialised Supplies and Services - Translink Operators
Specialised Supplies and Services - Water Facility Maintenance
Travel - Accommodation incl meals
Travel - Air travel
Travel - Car hire
Travel – Insurance
Travel – Insurance
Travel - Taxi
Vehicles - Aircraft and related costs
Vehicles - Boats and related costs
Vehicles - Passenger vehicle
Vehicles - Passenger vehicle maintenance and parts
Vehicles - Special purpose vehicles

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