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QH027Intravenous System, Access & Accessories 31/05/2021Queensland HealthMedical - Clinical and dental suppliesTanya 3096 2323tubing, connectors, accessories, administration, pressure, monitoring, stopcock, IV, intravenous, chlorhexidine, adaptor, paed-end cap, cannula, catheter, artenal, femoral, PICC, midline, infusion, central venous, port, tourniquet, winged, applicator, valve, anti-reflux, gravity, hazardous bags, airway, UV bottle, arm board, haemodialysis, kit, adaptor, plug, securement, non-pneumatic  
QH163Respiratory Suction Equipment Accessories & Medical Tubing31/08/2020Queensland HealthMedical - Clinical and dental suppliesKate 3096 2319wide-bore, double-bore, suction, canister, respiratory, catheter, secretion, fluid, device, tubing, surgical, PVC, portable, liner, receptacle, measuring, bag, trolley, stand, carousel, non-mechanical, t-connector, endotracheal, closed, tracheal, y suction, yankaeur, intra-operative, curettage, accessories, adaptor, float ball, bracket, hook, cable, 12V, battery, strap, holder, connector, vacuum, charger, aspirator, reusable 
QH424Electrodes 30/06/2021Queensland HealthMedical - Clinical and dental suppliesKate 3096 2319ECG electrodes, defib pad, diagnostic, lead wires, pencil diathermy, forceps, monitoring, alligator clip, defibrillator, lead wires  
QH991Dental Anaesthetics and Surgical Materials30/11/2020Queensland HealthMedical - Clinical and dental suppliesSamantha 3096 2318  
QH995Dental Endodontic Materials30/11/2020Queensland HealthMedical - Clinical and dental suppliesSamantha 3096 2318  
QH998Dental Preventative and Diagnostic Materials30/11/2020Queensland HealthMedical - Clinical and dental suppliesSamantha 3096 2318  
QH999Dental Restorative Materials and Accessories30/11/2020Queensland HealthMedical - Clinical and dental suppliesSamantha 3096 2318  
QPS7102 Supply of Oral Fluid Disposable Drug Testing Devices2/09/2020Public Safety Business AgencyMedical - Clinical and dental suppliesPSBA Procurement 3145 2985  
QH701Diagnostic Instruments and Accessories28/02/2021Queensland HealthMedical - Clinical and dental suppliesJoanne 3096 2253Baby Length Measurement, BIS Monitoring & accessories, Blood Glucose Monitor, Blood Letting Device, Breath Analyser, Drug & Alcohol Test Kit, Clinical Thermometer, Diagnostic Set, Eye Charts, Ultrasonic, Measurement Tape, Laryngoscope, Needle Biopsy Set, Ophthalmoscope, Otoscope, Tendon Hammer, Positive Expiratory Pressure, Pregnancy Test Kit, Proctoscope, Rapid foetal Fibronectin Test Kit, Recording Pape, Respiratory Meter, Ruptured Membrane Test Kit, Sigmoidoscope, Skin Biopsy Punch, Sphygmomanometer, Spirometer, Stethoscope, tape, temp probe, Temperature Probe, Test Strips, thermometer, Torch, Tuning Fork, Vaginal Speculum 
QH014Orthopaedic Casts & Accessories31/08/2020Queensland HealthMedical - Clinical and dental suppliesTanya 3096 2323backslab, plaster of paris, padding, bunion boot, crutches, knee immobiliser, padding, walking stick, cane, bandage, cast, collar, traction kit, arm sling, strap, cuff 
QH487Hand Hygiene Products & Pre-Op Sponges31/12/2020Queensland HealthMedical - Clinical and dental suppliesAmy 3096 2311hand wash liquid, soap, alcohol hand rub, hand cream, scrub brush, body wash, sponge, pre-operative, antimicrobial, chlorhexidine, iodine, triclosan, surgical scrub, povidane-iodine,  
QH686Oxygen Therapy & Airway Management31/03/2021Queensland HealthMedical - Clinical and dental suppliesJoanne 3096 2253nasopharyngeal, orpharyngeal, bite block, nasal cannula, nasal prong, breathing circuit, HME, oxygen mask, laryngeal mask, nebuliser, resuscitator, cricothyroidotomy, endotracheal tube, oxygen tube 
QH286Bandages, Surgical Sponges, Tapes, Surgical Pens, Scalpel Blades and Stitch Cutters30/11/2020Queensland HealthMedical - Clinical and dental suppliesTanya 3096 2318bandage, tubular, marker, marker pen, adhesive remover pad, surgical incision pen, stitch cutter, scalpel blade with handle, scalpel blade, blade, x-ray sponge, sponge, adhesive tape, marker pen with labels, crepe bandage 
QH730Tube & Drainage, Wound Suction Equipment & Accessories1/03/2021Queensland HealthMedical - Clinical and dental suppliesTanya 3096 2323thoracic catheter, tubing connecter, wound chest drainage, surgical tissue drain, closed suction drainage system, catheter tunnelled kit, pericandiocentsis kit, pentoneal lavage kit, thorancentesis/ paracentesis kit, bowel management system, rectal tube, anti reflux valve, pleural nasogastric, oesophageal gastric, replunge, decompression tube, pneumothorax, thoracic 
QH913Waste Receptacles, Clinical Sharps Containers Clinical Cytotoxic and General Waste Bags31/08/2020Queensland HealthMedical - Clinical and dental suppliesMichael 3096 2259bin, bins, sharps, container, containers, cytotoxic, waste, receptacle, litre, bag, paper, paper bag, bags, general waste, clinical waste, gusset, gusseted, wheelie, liner, liners, garbage, needle counter, scalpel blade remover, pharmaceutical waste, anatomical waste  

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